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Classes & Groups for Parents

How to Raise a Jungle Slayer - A Free Parenting Class

It's a jungle out there! We all want to support our kids in being their best selves and help them learn to tackle all the challenges the world will throw at them. And yet, those teenage years push every button we have. In this online class, learn tools, techniques and approaches that lead to great parent-teenager relationships, help teens make better choices and set them up to feel ready and empowered to take on the world.

In this free and interactive 60 minute online call we will:


  • Understand the three key concepts that are at the heart of empowered parenting and will dramatically transform your relationship with your teen

  • Learn some new strategies to specifically address the parenting challenges you're currently facing

  • Walk away feeling a little lighter and more hopeful about what's possible for your relationship with your teen

Parents Support Groups - It Takes a Village

Be part of a confidential and intimate community with other parents (or sometimes just Moms) also trying to navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence. Not only will you feel less alone in your parenting challenges, together we'll dive deeper into the key concepts of how to raise resilient and empowered young adults. We'll talk about how to apply these concepts to specific situations as they arise, and parents are encouraged (to the degree you're comfortable) to bring your real-life struggles to the group in order to get support when and how you need it most. 

To inquire about upcoming classes and groups, please click here.
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