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The problem with snacking

Often, we give our kids food as snacks that we would never serve them for meals. The problem is, these snack foods become treats kids look forward to that actually de-incentivize them from eating real meals. And then it becomes a vicious cycle...they don't eat much at meals...they're hungry later...they get more of the snack food they crave...they are not hungry for their next meal!

Here's two ways to break the cycle:

1) If they don't eat what you make for a meal, just wrap it up. The next time they tell you they are hungry, pull out the leftovers from the last meal and with a big smile, pleasantly exclaim, "Great! I've got that roast chicken and potatoes for you!" It might sound crazy, but it works, and it's so EASY!

2) Buy only healthy foods for snacks! That ends all your snacking issues right there. Ask yourself, what is your big objection to buying only healthy food? I often hear, "_____ food is the only thing my kids will eat." I can assure you that when your child gets hungry enough they will eat the food that's available. They might not like it. They might whine or complain about it, but stay strong my friend. This will pass when they realize you can't be broken. Or, are you buying snack food because you like having it around? If so, then be grateful that caring about your kid's health is giving you a reason to improve your own!

Click here for a list of some healthy snack ideas. If you would like more support around creating happier mealtimes or with any other part of parenting, learn more about how I work with parents and families here.

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