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Women's Group - Calling all incredible women!

As women we have always come together for support and community as we understand the importance of this kind of connection and sharing. From ancient women-centric rituals to our current social gatherings like game nights or bookclub, women feel the call to gather. A women’s group is a special and powerful way to be together. This is your invitation to unite with other women in a unique, sacred and powerful circle that is nothing short of life-changing.

What our women's group is NOT:

  • A platform for gossip, venting, or complaining about others.

  • A social club centered around alcohol or other substances.

  • A forum for dispensing advice or sharing personal opinions.

What our women's group IS:

  • An arena for exploring the challenges and joys of womanhood.

  • An opportunity for self-discovery and reflection on what truly matters to you.

  • A safe haven where you can bring forth your challenges and receive non-judgmental support.

If you are longing to connect to women in an authentic and honest way, feel the magic and power of sisterhood and discover the sense of belonging that comes with knowing others and being known truly, then we invite you to join us! 


Come, let's embark on this incredible journey together!

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To inquire about joining our women's group, please click here.

What past participants have said:

"Being supported by this group of women was equally as fulfilling as it was loving and gentle." women's group participant

"Making connections & feeling like I am a part of a community was wonderful! I definitely feel like I'm getting (a little) better at being vulnerable in a group, and learning a ton of self-growth skills!" women's group participant

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