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Coaching for Parents & Families

Someone once said, "Parenting is like the peace corps - the toughest job you'll ever love." We want to raise resilient and happy kids but it's not always so obvious how to get there. My work with parents will help you develop a guiding philosophy of parenting so you can navigate any and all of the unique situations that your family might be facing right now, as well as in the days, months and years to come. Sometimes it makes the most sense to get the whole family involved, in which case you will find family coaching to be an interactive process where everyone in the family gets to be heard.

For Parents & Families

  • Find better solutions for “hot spots” such as school and grades, devices, chores, mealtimes, bedtimes, etc.​​

  • Learn constructive ways to discipline and set boundaries

  • Improve the relationships amongst the whole family (parent to kid, parent to parent, siblings)

  • For teens specifically - address issues with partying, alcohol, drugs, sex

  • Help your family have more fun together and enjoy each other more

Click here to learn about my offerings for parents and families.

Family Fun
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